Sydney Thompson

This is a true story.....

Sydney had to be in McKinney, Texas for a big school choir event.
This reduced the driving time to Sulphur Spring in half.

Texas weather being typical Texas weather---it might be sunny, it might rain.
This was one of the unusual weather days in Texas.

Savannah and Sydney wet from head to foot, inside and out.


The day started out beautiful and sunny.

Sydney, Mom and Grandmother leave Oklahoma for Texas and the choir event but, hook up the cattle trailer just in case there is time to swing by Lindley Brahmans to see the Show heifer prospects.

Choir event over, they call to make sure their visit is still on.
Great!   the Thompson's will be here in about 2 hours.

Savannah home from school starts to work with her show calves,
Thompson's arrive, everyone talking, having a great time.

Out to see the Show Heifer Prospects.  On our way to the barns.
Oh My! it has started to rain -- a little rain never hurt anyone.
After last summer, a little rain is more than welcome.

THEN ...... three hours of drenching rain. = 3 inches


The story gets better Folks!

Heifers selected, ready to load out--- still raining!

What else can go wrong? -- Flat Tire on Trailer!
Savannah's Dad has arrived and helps change the flat.
sorry I didn't get out in the rain to get this picture)

Go to the house, dry off as well as you can.
Get paper work all done.

Still raining-- monsoon rains.

Leaving for Oklahoma, still raining.


Sydney, Stacy, and Sandy

Thank you for selecting Lindley Brahmans show heifer prospects.
We would like for you to visit again on a sunny day.

Good luck  to Sydney and Nathan.