We have had 3 snow storms in North East Texas in the January and February 2011..

We usually only have snow every year or so.
After last years record breaking snow we could not believe we had another record breaking snow again this February 4, 2011, 11 1/2 inches,
That's a lot of snow for us Texans.

February 4, 2011
We were in a 30 mile wide band across north Texas that received 11 1/2+ inches of Snow
The week of January 27, we were in a terrible 4 day ice storm. 
The next week February 4, was our record breaking snow.
Then February 8  ONLY 4 inches this third week.
 The good news is the cattle were cold but Billy Dan fed them well fed and every one seems fine.

MiMi let me stay in the house, I'm freezing.

Savannah breaking ice in the show calves water.

Suzanne never left the house for four days.  The ice and cold was record breaking too.

I didn't ventured out.  There is ice under the snow.

All you can see is snow and more snow.

Where are the cows.  Staying warm in the woods and barns.

You can't tell but this is the highway that runs in front of our house.

February 12, 2010

The morning after the snow.  When you live in Texas you have to enjoy the snow quickly.
Most of the snow was gone in two days.  Now just mud !!!!

These cows look fine.

Heifers huddle together.  Their first snow.

Savannah was knee high in snow.

Blaine is just too short to walk in snow.

We got out to check everything and take pictures.

The measure was 8 1/2 inches.

My pictures don't show how really beautiful the snow was.
It was fun while it lasted but now it is a muddy mess.

Good Times with