Senator Javier Souto


Our friend Senator Souto being presented ABBA Award

Senator Javier Souto of Miami, Fla., was awarded the 2011 Brahman Friend of the Year award at the American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) annual membership meeting Wednesday, February 29 in Houston.

Senator Souto’s work in developing the Miami International Agriculture and Cattle show and promoting Brahman cattle in his travels has truly made him a friend of the ABBA. Each year the ABBA recognizes an outstanding individual or organization who promotes the Brahman breed and the ABBA.

“He is a promoter of the breed, a promoter of the [Miami International] Stock Show, and is a very dedicated person to the Brahman breed,” said ABBA President Bob Hudgins.


Picture used by permission from ABBA website.  thank you