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These are  Suzanne's personal favorite pictures that have no other page to go on

2008 Houston Brahman Show

     Suzanne enjoyed helping out in the ABBA booth during Houston.  I met many of our members and International Guests. 
     It was my pleasure to accept Senator Javier Souto's ABBA membership application.  Senator Souto is an avid Brahman supported. We thank him for promoting our cattle world wide.
     If you have some free time at any event ABBA has their hospitality booth, volunteer to greet members and guests, you will meet many old and new Brahman  friends 


Keith Lindley, Great Nephew on his way to Baylor.  It seems like it was only last month Keith and brother Kevin were wanting to camp out in the wilds of Lindley country.
Good looking and oh, so tall!



     May 20, 2005

              'Yep!'    That's Jim Williams

Jim was in Sulphur Springs to judge a Beefmaster Show tomorrow.  We are so glad to be able to show him our place and cattle.  The William's are noted for their gracious hospitality and we were so glad to reciprocate just a little.



After Billy Dan and Savannah took Jim on an exciting golf cart tour of the pastures we all went to eat some great fried catfish.  Savannah and her  parents were able to join us.  Between Billy Dan, Dwayne, Jim and Savannah we did a lot of damage at the fish place.


Until I became MiMi--Aunt Suzanne was my title. 
These great niece and nephews I remember fondly as "babies",  their Mother and Dad also.  Boy! am I getting old.

Then I have Heather, I thought she was the family "wild child".   Look at this beauty.  Senior, cheerleader, and I don't know all she participates in.  Tonight she was getting ready for The Senior Cotillion.  I hope her Dad took a deep breath.


Zane (l) and Zack (r) were Wildcats this fall.  This family picture was made before Senior Zane and a tree met. He got in on the tail end of the season. He is weight lifting this spring.  Zack had a successful football season.  A "sack by Zack" is a tongue twister.


As LuAnn Williams says---It's great to be a "has been"

Thank you TBA 

Congratulations J. Boone Koonce

Sam Duplantis and Billy Dan in a big bear hug.  I may never get a picture like this again.


Friends for over 50 years, that's a long time to be buddies.

Billy Dan and Bill Allen Jackson
two special guys


Fall 2003

Neighbor Chris Harrison and
granddaughter Cheyenne having
a good time riding with "Grans".

These are little girls who have two "GrandPa's" wrapped around their little fingers.

July 4, 2003

Sister-in-Law Sandra Lindley with her grandsons
Keith and Kevin Lindley


Visited with Betty 'Dildy' and Jim DuPont during our travels in August.  We were giving her a hard time for not coming to the class reunion. 

                 July 2002

Niece Jennifer King taking her  friend Jenna Igo on a tour of the pastures.  Back when Jennifer was a little girl she would wear Billy Dan out wanting to SEE the cows.

July 2002

Hugo Garcia one of the students who help me with my yard is quite the fisherman.  Billy Dan stocked a pond about 3 years ago and now we are reaping the harvest.  Hugo and his Dad got nine good fish recently.


Graduation 2002

Niece Jennifer King on her way to Sam Houston.

Good Luck


"City Girls"  Niece Jennifer King and friend Jenna Igo made a summer visit  before heading off to college this fall.  Jennifer has visited many times but Jenna seemed a little apprehensive.    


Sulphur Springs High School
Class of 1962 Reunion
May 25, 2002

Thursday afternoon, May 16, 2002
Billy Dan was really enjoying himself when several of his former teachers came to visit.
This was a busy day, with lots of activities, so we will do this again so more can be here.

Let me introduce some of the ladies who kept Billy Dan in "line" for 29 years.  He spent more time with these gals than Suzanne.  
from left:  Mrs. McCool (secretary extraordinaire), Mrs Folmar, Mrs. Mullins, Mrs. Sisco, Miss Lewis, Mrs. Hicks, Mrs. Webb (would you  believe she is also a former student?) and Mrs. Blount.  I didn't get a picture of "McMann".

Sunday, April 14, 2002

Everyone was standing clear as Junior Villegas drove the golfcart. At only 12 1/2 is has a year or two to go before he is behind the wheel of something bigger.


Sunday, March 24, 2002  This must have been the weekend for outings to the the country.

Brittan Blount and mom Cheryl enjoyed feeding the bulls. 
Plus our neighbor has three baby goats that were of interest.


Saturday morning our friend G. V. Hughes brought his grandsons, Hunter Hughes and Joshua Snyder, out to see the cows and ride in the golfcarts.

What a morning.  It was cold, Joshua and Suzanne were freezing plus he wasn't too sure about the cows.  Hunter was having a great time helping with the feeding of the cows.  Then I had to get a picture of Queenie  with Hunter, they have the same birthday!

"Big" cousin Hunter  right and "Little" cousin Joshua  left.  Hunter is an old hand at golf cart riding and feeding cows.  



Spring Break
Spring has got to be just around the corner.

Sunday, March 10, 2002

I know I say it every time niece Meredith McManus visits, but city kids really do love playing in the country.


Spring Break and Meredith was here to help Uncle Billy Dan. It turned out to be a cold and windy day, but a new baby calf helped turn Meredith's attention away from the weather. Driving the cart was really chilly. We did get behind the barn to pet the new baby.



North East Texas doesn't get a lot of snow but the blizzard of February 5 was really nice for a change.  Don't ask Billy Dan, he had to be out feeding the cows.  I stayed in front of the fireplace.





The problem with Texas weather is that this will all be gone tomorrow, the temperature should be up to 50 degrees.


Billy Dan and I visited with old friend Billy Harry
in mid-January.  Billy Harry, a past BBA president,  is known around the world in Brangus circles and is involved today as a consultant.  Billy Dan just had to get a LINDLEY BRAHMAN  cap on Billy Harry's head.



While Billy Dan was in meetings at the ABBA office in mid-August, Suzanne lunched with her friend Suzanne  of  Mission . These girls both named Suzanne Gray have been friends since first grade. 


Bill Allen Jackson, Conroe,  and Billy Dan enjoyed a visit and an early morning drive thru the pastures one morning.  Bill Allen and Billy Dan grew up on the same street and have been buddies since grade school.



The Kings, our nephew and family,  Curt and Kathy with daughters Jennifer and Heather.  



Great-nieces Heather and Jennifer King.  Jennifer is a senior looking forward to college. Heather is nearly sixteen with a drivers permit waiting for that birthday.


Lance Williams, Lyndsey little brother, is a real little boy. First thing out of the truck he found my dead goldfish.



 Pictures of Meredith's summer visit with Aunt Suzanne and Uncle Billy Dan.  I forget how "city" kids love to visit the country.

Niece Meredith McManus, Austin, loves to come to see Uncle Billy Dan's calves. The calves love to see her too. She was here the day we weaned some calves. I guess the calves were looking for a friendly face since they couldn't find their Mama.


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