the Watts Family


The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo 45th Annual All Breed Range Bull and Commercial Female Sales held February 29 and March 3, 2012, proved lucrative to American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) program members.

Seven registered Brahman bulls were auctioned off on the bull side averaging $3,835.71. Brahmans were the highest averaging breed in the bull sale.

The Houston All Breed Range Bull and Commercial Female Sale results illustrate the profitability of ABBA program cattle. Not only does registering purebred Brahman cattle improve profit margins in the commercial realm, but certifying Brahman F-1 cattle will also bring increased revenue to sellers.

Congratulations Tic Tac Toe Ranch breeder of the high selling bull at the 2012 Houston Range Bull Sale.   Mr. Suva Manso is
a  JDH Martin Manso 879/3 son.

Shirley Watts

Tic Tac Toe Ranch of Frost, Texas
High Grading Bull - Mr. Suva Martin 631

Max Watts
1934 - 2008


    Max’s “cow sense”, technical and common sense is
unsurpassed. Most of us that knew him had sought his
opinion on how to solve aproblem, select an animal, or
handle a difficult animal.

     His knack for matching the correct bullto breed a
certain cow proved correct many times. What his animal
lacked in perfection,he would overcome with his knowledge
of feeding, fitting and showing.
An old saying, “The eye of the MasterFattens His Cattle”,
could have been written for Max. If you knew Max Watts,
you truly knew a Master Breeder.


                                  Max Watts Receives
                             Director Emeritus Status

     During the January 13, 2008, Executive Committee meeting, in Ft, Worth, TX, Max Watts was unanimously elected Director Emeritus Of ABBA.  Max has been a member of ABBA since 1978 and a director for 20 years.
     He was recently honored at Dallas, Houston, Ft, Worth and Waco Shows for over 50 years of showing.  He has been a long time member of the ABBA Show Committee and wasinducted into the ABBA Hall of Fame in 20
     Max has been a respected spokesman for Brahmans among leaders of all breeds.

Brahman Hall of Fame
Inductee 2005

  • Dr. Carl McKenney presents Max Watts as 2005 Brahman Hall of Fame Inductee.

    The team behind Max's success -- wife, Shirley, daughter Stephanie, granddaughter Brandy, daughter Deborah. grandson Will and special daughter Rhonda were all on hand to watch the presentation.  ABBA president Jim Williams is peeking over from behind.

    The presentation was made during the Annual ABBA Membership Meeting Thursday, March 3, 2005.


Max and Shirley Watts

The Original Dynamic Duo

Congratulations, Max and Shirley

This couple was honored during the Ranch Heritage Luncheon at the Ft. Worth Livestock Show and Rodeo for their continued support of the Livestock Show for 55 years. Max must have  brought Shirley in a stroller.  

All your many Brahman Friends admire this accomplishment.
I know the plaque will go in a place of honor amid all the other awards.

Watts Honored Again
October 15, 2003

Max and Shirley Watts were recognized at the State Fair of Texas for their continuous participation of 55 years.  Presenting the award were Nancy McKenney, State Fair Pan American Committee Chairperson, State Fair Benny Clark, and assisted by Jim Reeves, ABBA Executive Vice-President.

April 25, 2003  We were surprised by a visit from Shirley and Max Watts.
They were in the area and we were so glad they were able to stop by.

Shirley is an experienced Grandma.  
I need all the tips I can get.

Savannah helped Max Watts and GrandDad check out the bulls this afternoon.