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January 18, 2005, 
Watts Arena,   Ft Worth, TX

Glenda must have been telling a whopper of a story. I don't think Phil believes a word of it.

Glenda and Phil were having a great time at the Ft. Worth Show.  Glenda's parents came along to view the good cattle and meet the "Brahman folks.



December 11, 2005
This is what Brahman love is all about.  WE think the animals are beautiful. They are loving and gentle.  We know they are the only route to true F-1's. Hard as we try, some people just never "get it".

Then----The first baby calf is born on your place.

We knew Phil and Glenda were "hooked". but now they are "hook, line and sinker" so to speak.

This is where Breeding Brahman Cattle starts the real "love affair".
No turning back now!        Congratulations and Good Luck

October 23, 2004     New Breeders Glenda and Phil arrived early this morning to help with branding, dehorning  and vaccinating the newly weaned calves.  Billy Dan and Hugo appreciated the help, plus they have to learn the ropes for their new calves.

Glenda are you really ready to brand that calf?

May 9, 2004


OK, Phil, I have picked my favorite. Have Billy Dan put "Little Ruby" on the trailer.

Glenda  and Phil have been working on their fences and barns and were here this afternoon to make their final decision.

May 29, 2004  Billy Dan and Suzanne delivered 5 herd making Heifers to Glenda and Phil.
 Using these Lindley Bred Heifers they are on their way in the Brahman business. 

Glenda and Phil were in Dallas with the Brahman folks enjoying
the National Show.  Billy Dan and I stopped to have supper
Thursday after the show.  Glenda and Phil beat us home. 

Glenda likes to get her hands on the cattle.  She picked out this heifer and she will be going to East Texas soon.

They had already purchased a couple of older cows and herd bull, from Jimmy Ayres when he was dispursing.

Their garden and beautiful shaded back yard was beautiful.
Looked like a lot of hard work goes on at their place.

April 23, 2004
Glenda and Phil enjoyed their visit.  They have decided to start their own Brahman breeding program.
Thank you for visiting Lindley Brahmans, we are happy to help you select quality Brahman cattle.

 Is she saying Take Me Home?

Just a little to the left, Phil!

Glenda really liked the gentleness of the Lindley Bred heifers.  All of heifers like 
to make a good impression on our Ranch visitors.  This girl is a picture 'ham'.  


September 23, 2003

Phil Smith and Glenda Lewis enjoyed the gentleness of the calves in the pasture.  This good heifer is also one of Savannah's favorites.


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