Lauren Bailey

 More pictures from Mom.   Thanks for sharing, Sherry.


These pictures are from Lauren's Mom Sherry.
This is a class in Halter Breaking 101.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3




I am now calling Lauren the "calf whisperer". 
By day 4 she was slipping a halter on
and was leading her in her pen.
For proof Mom sent me a short video.

Good job!



 Lauren was looking for advice
on heifer care.

Lauren picked a new Show heifer Prospect
this afternoon..

We wish her has the success with this heifer
that she had with her first one.

Lauren has really turned into a great show woman.

Good Luck


Lauren Bailey had a great time for her
first time in Houston Junior Show 2011.

She selected her scramble heifer last year
after winning her scramble certificate.

Lauren and her heifer placed in the top 5
in all of her completions plus an extra
$200 clean and decorated stall..

Great Job   Lauren and Bentley !

A Special Thank you to her scramble sponsor --
The Cowboy Lodge.


Thanks Sheri for the great pictures of Lauren

"Houston we  may have a problem" sic
What can a girl do if she shows in a town without a Chicken Express.
"Bentley" must have her sweet tea.

One of Laurens first shows.
East Texas State Fair in Tyler, TX.

Lauren is just beginning showing Brahman.
Dad is helping selecting just the right heifer.

Billy Dan drives everybody up close to the cattle.

Lauren is determined to get hands on the calf.



Lauren brought friends to her her select her Heifer.




I got this great shot of Lauren at
the TJBA show in Tyler.

Lauren did a great job showing.
She is a beginner and she looks like a pro.