"Gentlest in East Texas"

Junior Friends
LINDLEY BRAHMANS offers juniors a few outstanding
show heifers each year. Contact the ranch for information.











Scramble winners---Lindley Brahmans is happy to accept your certificate.

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Junior Exhibitors: We will be happy not only to report results of your cattle showing, but any other activity in which you participate (sports, UIL, band, etc).|
Just drop me a report and / or picture to suzanne@lindleybrahmans.com via email or Suzanne Lindley, Rt. 3 Box 824, Sulphur Spring, TX 75482 by snail mail.

i might also ask you act as my editors, if you see mistakes.  Thanks, Suzanne

Tanner Krebbs picked up his new
Lindley Brahmans Show Heifer prospect today.

Good Luck

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Congratulants to Hannah Bunch on her purchased of a Lindley breed heifer.  Savannah had started working with this little beauty when she was a few days old.

We wish Hannah and BDL Ms Dakota Manso 178
good luck in the future.


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I  need a better editor
It just came to my attention I had not linked
Raeli Motley's page to her pictures. 
I apologize, please check her pictures.

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Caitlin Fudge selected  a great Show Heifer prospect
from Lindley Brahman's.

Caitlin seems like a real "girlie" young lady.
But guys beware, she had two scramble certificates.

Good luck Caitlin and Ms America 911!
Two tough girls!

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Sydney Thompson selected a show heifer prospect this afternoon.  Good sister that she is, Sydney and Mom
found a second heifer for brother, Nathan.

We didn't get to meet Nathan.   I really hope he likes his heifer.

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Tori  Hogg added a Lindley Brahman Show Heifer
prospect to her outstanding heifer show string.

Tori and Savannah became great friends at last
years TJBA state show.  The email, facebook, and 
showing cattle are a big projects for these two.
Look for them at the next 9 years on the Junior Show circuit.


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Chris Hoegger picked out just the right
young heifer for his FFA project today.

Chris had his friend TJ and Dad helping him
look through the Show Heifer Prospects.

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Mom and Dad, Tracy and Joe Christian
picked out a Show Heifer for daughter
Sierra during their visit this afternoon.

Hope Sierra Christian will have
a good show prospect in Oklahoma.






Lance Williams is an old friend of Lindley Brahmans.
He had bad luck with a heifer he had planned on showing.
We were glad we had a heifer he could get as a replacement.

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Hannah Kays is another scramble winner purchasing
a show heifer prospect from Lindley Brahmans.


Thank you Hannah

Congratulation and Good Luck!


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Another Scramble winner, John White.

John selected  a good show Heifer Prospect.

Thank you John

Congratulation and Good Luck!

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Cody Womack another scramble winner
using their certificate at Lindley Brahmans.

Thank you Cody

Congratulations and Good Luck!

I apologize for not having more pictures of Cody's visit.
Billy Dan got this one when the paperwork completed.





Bradley Jeffrey selected a show heifer prospect
this afternoon from Lindley Brahmans.

Bradley was a scramble winner at
the Austin Show.  Congratulation!

Good Luck

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Thank you Lauren Bailey for selecting your
second Show Heifer prospect from
Lindley Brahmans.

Good Luck!
We hope this little girl does
as well as your other heifer.

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Let's introduce Raeli Motley.
Raeli selected a show heifer prospect this afternoon
from the Show heifers offered from Lindley Brahman


Congratulations and Good Luck as you start your show career.

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Lindley Brahmans invite you to join the "good kids" who love their Brahman heifers and showing them. 
These young people are well rounded and busy participating in many other activities. 

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