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May 2020 update:  Sorry we are out of show heifer prospects.
Good news --  springs and early summer calves will being born.

Hello--FFA and 4-H Members

If you are looking for a Show Heifer Prospect....  Give us a call.
Attention: Please give your full telephone number  when you call and need us to call you back.   (AREA CODE + number)

Herdsires:   BDL Captain,  DF Dillion,  JDH James Manso and and BDL MR REMWOOD MANSO 873
Lindley Brahmans is proud of the bulls they use in their Artificial Insemination program.
In addition to their bulls at the ranch, they also use the best bulls available to add to their outstanding calf crop.


An example of the Show Heifer Prospects from Lindley Brahmans.
Our Mama's raise the best little ladies.
Visitors always welcome.

 Call for availability and / or to schedule your visit.  
The good ones don't last long.
903-945-5263 or
e-mail: office@lindleybrahmans.com


Hope to see you soon. We welcome your visit.

Lindley Brahman Mama's with their babies.   Make your plans to visit Lindley Brahmans. 
These calves are examples of Lindley Brahman show heifer prospects.

This will be a dark pigmented heifer.

These babies are examples of the calves
 sired by Martin, Danbury, and BL 476.

Come early and select yours.

Please browse this page so you will see what kind of Show Heifers prospects we like to raise.

FFA and 4-H members can find quality heifers at LINDLEY BRAHMANS.

These heifers are the complete package.

Take a good look at the type heifers
from which you have to selection.

These girls represent the heifers
you will see during your visit.

Examples of Show Heifer prospects.

We enjoy Juniors visiting and getting up close and personal with the calves. 
 We don't have time to give them the attention they crave.

Feminine        Alert         Smooth        Long      Classy      Correct overall

LINDLEY BRAHMAN  heifer calves are good.    Plus they seem to love to pose for pictures.
The little reddish calf will be one of the "good dark pigmented  heifers" we like.

We are carefully mating our herd sires along with several top Brahman sires AI 
with our JT White X US Sugarland X JDH cows to obtain the growth, muscle and style that is popular today.

 One can almost pick a good heifer prospect
out early. Take a good look at this classy
baby, only a couple of days old.


This Mama was an outstanding
show heifer "in her day".
Look at her great udder.

This older young lady has style
and is quite a looker. She already knows
how to make the pose.

Another prospect who is showing her "good side".
All of the calves are flat backed, wide behind
the hump, muscled and very femine.

LINDLEY BRAHMANS is able to offer a few outstanding heifers each year.
Plan to make your visit early to make your selections.

Call 903/945-5263   or     Email office@lindleybrahmans.com


I thought I would put in this picture for fun.

Heifer standing in feed trough.

I guess her Mama never told her
not to stand on the table.



We will be looking forward to your visit.
Scramble winners--we gladly accept your certificate and congratulations.

Past Winners showing Lindley Brahman Heifers

 Good Martin daughter shown by granddaughter,
Savannah Allen, in the Open Show.

 HLS&R Open Brahman Show  --  Savannah's first Houston Show!

Congratulations Savannah and
BDL Ms Lindley Manso 870 (Sweetie Pie)

Lauren Bailey had a great time for her first time in Houston Junior show
She selected her scramble heifer after winning her scramble certificate.

Lauren and her heifer placed in the top 5 in all of her completions
plus an extra $200 for clean and decorated stall..
Great Job   Lauren and Bentley !

A Special Thank you to her scramble sponsor --   The Cowboy Lodge.

Congratulations to Allyson Parks on being named  
2010 Grand Champion of
the Houston Junior Brahman Show.   

This many time Grand Champion Gray Female is AJP Diamond Bella,
a female bred and owned by AJBA Director and TJBA President Allyson Parks. 

Bella is a JDH Martin Manso 849/3 daughter.

Larger picture


   Look what these little heifers can grown up and become--

 Grand Champion 
Junior Brahman Heifer
2008 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo