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the FANNING family

The FANNING family

Oklahoma State Fair
Oklahoma  City   September 21,  2006


It was great to see the Fanning Family.
This young family has a bad case of
"Brahman Fever".  Paul and Kris with
son Cody were exhibiting their cattle.

As you can see we have been keeping up
with this young family for several years.


April 19, 2002 update
Received this picture this morning from the Fannings.  Their final calf is on the ground.  It's a bull, but three live calves is great.  


April 10, 2002 

I am getting into my "grandmother" practice. Latest picture from Paul announcing their new arrival. Looks like everything is fine.


March 2002 update

Paul send this photo of their FIRST Brahman Calf.  I know the whole family was excited.  Paul didn't give details but I hope it's a heifer.


This is an update picture of the bull the Fanning's purchased last fall.  This is just like getting pictures of the grandkids and watching the grow.  When he left here he was justed weaned.


Fall, 2201

Paul made this picture of our senior herd sire with some cows on his first visit to LINDLEY BRAHMANS.

Thanks for sharing the photo with us.


Got this picture of Kyle from his dad Friday morning, November 2.  Looks like "77" has found her a buddy and doesn't miss Sulphur Springs at all.


Another picture Boys and New Bull. Looks like  another  LINDLEY BRAHMANS off-spring not missing home.  They love all the attention.



Paul and Kris Fanning were back Saturday to pick up their new bred heifers and young bull. They loaded and were headed home in just a few minutes.

Thank you for choosing LINDLEY BRAHMANS.

.Paul and Billy Dan touring the pastures in search for the right bull


Saturday's return visit to pick up the cattle Dad had purchased had Kyle sporting a spooky face painting. He also had the perfect pumpkin in the back of the truck in preparation for Halloween.




Paul and Kris Fanning from Oklahoma.  Sons Cody, Kyle and Nick were along to help Dad pick out a couple of heifers and young  bull. They will be back next weekend to pick up their purchase.

Thank you for selecting animals from
LINDLEY BRAHMANS start your herd.


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