Thank you Dyess Farms of Mississippi, and Chance Hinton for the opportunity to purchase this bull.

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Mr. DF 140/0


An excerpt from Susan's facebook posting the night we purchased DF 140/0

Tonight's excitement revolved around online auction, to be exact. Momma's computer was acting up & Sara was driving, so I had the task of bidding on a new show bull / herd sire. It was quite a bit more nerve racking than bidding on a glass chicken on eBay! Nevertheless, Savannah will be the owner of a good looking new bull who will hopefully be the sire of some equally good looking Brahman babies. I wonder if my dad would be proud of the choice we made or if he'd think we were crazy for buying a bull online?!   No comments about Billy Dan's purchase of a Sugarland bull, many years ago, sight unseen, on a telephone recommendation of a friend, in January.  That particular bull spent January, February and some of March under a heat lamp in the barn. 


We will not have to worry about a new bull being gentle!

"Dillion" fits right in -- "Gentlest in East Texas"