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JDH Brimhall Manso 959/5
"Dakoda" died in the spring of 2007.  Lindley Brahmans will continue
to have calves from this great bull through the fall calving season. 

"Dakota" has left a legacy in the Lindley Brahman herd,
Billy Dan is breeding approximately 30 of his daughters.

JDH Brimhall Manso 959/5
picture taken April 2001

959/5 is a +JDH A. Dakota Manso 599 son
"Dakota" has matured into a tremendous Herd Sire.  All his off spring are the kind of cattle Billy Dan likes to produce.  We at Lindley Brahmans are proud to offer this type of animal for your purchase.

Spring 2003

I guess AGE is good in bulls.
"Dakota" 959/5 is maturing into a 

Billy Dan  was interested in this view.


August 2002
"Dakota" 959 is not enjoying this HOT East Texas summer.  You know it's hot in Texas when the Brahmans take their naps under the trees. Terry and Billy Dan were glad to find him there. 959 has been out all summer with the ladies.



 August 2001 
 A pasture of the first  calves sired by 
JDH Brimhall Manso 959/5.

Some outstanding bull calves and show heifer prospects can be found in this group.

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