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the Bunn's

We really enjoy when New Breeders purchase their first Brahman Cattle.

Blake and Marge Bunn,
Thank you for starting your Brahman Herd with cattle from


February 8, 2002 update:  
Blake emailed this picture of Marge tending to her new Brahmans.  Looks like all is going well.  




Blake and Marge first visited during the week right after the new year. During their first visit they selected three heifers and a bull. Blake returned Saturday before we left for the Ft. Worth meetings and show to pick their cattle up. As I have said many times the first pick up is always exciting. I will share a few pictures with you.

Blake, Billy Dan and son-in-law Dwayne Allen have to make their plan to load the calves.

Then the tail gate is double checked before Blake can get under way.


The calves look ready to go as Blake gives them one more look before leaving for home.

     Thank you for your purchase