2012 International Brahman Show Dedicated to "Bubba" Hudgins


"Bubba" Hudgins

On March 1, the American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) dedicated the 2012 International Brahman Show in Houston to Leslie “Bubba” Hudgins of Hungerford, Texas.

Since 1986, the ABBA has dedicated its National or International Show to a deserving individual. Hudgins attended his first International Brahman Show in 1948 and has owned or shown cattle at all but one Houston Livestock Show since then, producing a number of international champions.

Although the show was dedicated in his honor, Hudgins credits much of his success to the commercial beef industry, and Hudgins’

Brahman work has not just been domestic. He’s traveled the world promoting, evaluating and marketing cattle, and has formed lasting relationship through his experiences.

“It is only fitting that the 2012 International Brahman Show be dedicated to Bubba Hudgins in front of this international audience at this prestigious event,” said ABBA executive vice president, Chris Shivers. “It goes without saying he is deserving of this honor, and today he is able to share it with his many friends.”

The ABBA is proud to dedicate the 2012 International Brahman Show to Bubba Hudgins.


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