Thank you Alvin and Jean

For you purchase of this good young herd sire prospects. 


We want to Thank our repeat customers.

Alvin & Jean Beauchamp selected a young Martin
bull calf today.  These folks know the advantages of Brahman
genetics in  their crossbreeding / F-1 program. 

They tried to get Savannah to go home too.
She would make a top notch cow hand.




BDL Mr Dakota Manso 505

BL 505 -- Purchased by 
Alvin and Jean Beauchamp


The Beauchamp's returned Friday, January 25 to take delivery of their new bull.
After talking with Jean I believe she is the "real" Brahman enthusiast. Alvin is going to send me some pictures soon.


Good luck to both ranches with your F-1 programs and 
THANK YOU for your purchases from LINDLEY BRAHMANS.

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