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Was it hot or what?


June 5, 2005   
This had to be the hottest day we have had so far this summer.  The Allison clan arrived after lunch to fill two trailers with their purchases.


It never fails---Murphy's law---If it can go wrong, it will !  One of the bred cows had gone into labor.  SO.......we sat and waited.



We all had ice cream after waiting, delivering, making sure the calf nursed and loading the trailors for the trip home.





Jim is a "character" ! He was trying to convince Wanda she was ready for Brahman cattle again.



May 30, 2005

Jim Allison, son Steve and nephew Mike came today to select cattle.  They looked over all the cattle at Lindley Brahmans, while making the selections. 




The Allison's have been in the Brahman business before. They have been out of the cattle business for a while .  

Most of these ladies can't figure out these crazy people driving around and around.



Mike was impressed with the gentleness of the calves.  They just wanted to be petted.

Thank you for visiting Lindley Brahmans to restart your Brahman operation.


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