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Registered Gray Brahman Cattle

History      Welcome to LINDLEY BRAHMANS and Sulphur Springs, Texas. 
Sulphur Springs is located 70 miles east of Dallas on I-30, conveniently located for visitors
from north and east Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and northern Louisiana.


         2013 finds changes in the day to day operation of Lindley Brahmans.  Sara Lindley Allen has assumed the day to day operations of the ranch.  Sara is our go to person for sales.   Suzanne Lindley continues her involvement from the office.  Savannah Allen is busy as the Junior Herdsman.   Susan Lindley Perkins is involved in the behind the scene discussions and decisions.  Blaine Allen and Harper Perkins love the cattle and are growing fast.  Do not forget Dwayne Allen and Daryl Perkins who support us all.   A special young man, James Jordan, our herdsman.


         Billy Dan and Suzanne Lindley purchased  in 1967 their first three Registered Brahman heifers from E. T. Sparks. From the beginning heifers had to be gentle, big, growthy, and correct to be selected. This first purchase plus additional purchases from Jim Tarrent then J. T. White were the foundation cows of LINDLEY BRAHMANS.

        Our goal has always been to breed quality Gray Brahman cattle. All cattle are selected for beefiness and gentleness.  With the purchase of J. T. White bulls most of the foundation females carry a predominately JT WHITE pedigree.
     Starting with the purchase of JD Hudgins bulls in the late 1990 a new dynamic was added to the
BL cattle
.  Herd sires used at Lindley Brahmans still carry the ideal philosophy of growth and correctness. 
     Our  outstanding cow herd is being bred to the best bulls available today. 



Sara Allen and Susan Perkins

     Daughters Sara Lindley and Susan Lindley Perkins share their parents' interest in Brahman cattle.  They do not remember when Brahman cattle were not part of their lives. Starting as members of the Texas Junior Brahman Association and charter members of the American Junior Brahman Association you might say these two young women have spent a lifetime with Brahman cattle. Its hard to realize they have been active ABBA members for over 35 years. 

     Some of the best cows at LINDLEY BRAHMANS carry the circle S or the -S- shoulder brands. All of these cattle started as outstanding show cattle Sara and Susan accumulated.


Suzanne serves on the Membership Committee of ABBA.    She works behind the scenes at the ranch keeping our website, doing day to day paperwork and corresponding with buyers.

       Savannah, Blaine and Harper


Savannah will teach Harper
every thing she needs to
know about showing.

Blaine says he will help.

        The next third generation at Lindley Brahmans inherited a love of Brahman cattle.  Grand daughter Savannah Allen and Grand son Blaine Allen now have started their herds and are branding their calves.  Savannah has started her TJBA and AJBA career.  We have great hopes for Grand daughter baby Harper.  She should be walking for next years Pee Wee Showmanship.  Look for the cattle BL cattle shoulder branded half circle S and B.

       These kids are on heir way to be great Brahman Breeders.

Fitter Max Watts, Billy Dan and Suzanne

The BRAND on cattle
 the true cattleman is striving toward.

   LINDLEY BRAHMANS are known for their gentle dispositions. "Gentlest in East Texas" has been the ranch motto for the last forty seven years. 
      Remember the most important  information on a cattle pedigree is the Breeders Name.

       We have been honored to have our brand, BL, on the stair wall of the Kleberg
building on the campus of Texas A & M. since 1979. 
      Hopkins County was one of the first counties to participate in the brandings after
the building was opened.
 "Lindleys" have been involved in agriculture and ranching in Hopkins County
since the 1830.


        >Savannah and Blaine<           


AgriLife Extension Honors Agent
Sara Lindley Allen
with Superior Service Award

Suzanne's Scrapbook.  
Visit this page for my favorite pictures
of general and family activities.  


Leaving a Legacy
Lindley Retires as President ABBA

Past President Billy Dan Lindley
passed away on Monday, December 17, 2012

HLSR International_Show_Dedication

 Suzanne Lindley
Sara  and Dwayne Allen and Susan and Daryl  Perkins
Savannah and Blaine Allen and Harper Perkins
7571 Farm Road 2285
Sulphur Springs TX USA 75482
email     office@lindleybrahmans.com


The "Blizzards" of February, 2010  and February. 2011  East Texas Style
Record breaking snow in Sulphur Springs   8 1/2 inches in 24 hours.
That's a lot of snow!  I could not get in the pastures, too muddy, but the cattle did fine.
(snow pictures)