Wendell Schronk

ABBA Hall of Fame 2010

Armelinda Ibarra, ABBA Recording Secretary, ABBA President Billy Dan Lindley, ABBA Past President Marcus D. Shackleford,
2010 ABBA Hall of Fame Inductee Wendell Schronk, ABBA 
Executive Vice President,
Chris Shivers


Wendell Schronk of Texas was inducted into the 2010 ABBA Hall of Fame.

served the ABBA as it's Executive Vice President for many years, and according to Dr. Richard Forgason, Wendell was one of the ABBA's greatest executive vice presidents in the history of the association.

 During his tenure with
ABBA Wendell was a leader in improving, creating, or expanding many of the programs of the association. He spent tireless efforts on the F-1 program, the junior program, performance programs, field days, and shows for members.

Marcus Shackleford  described how he felt that one of
Wendell's strongest assets was that he was a people person who made each and every member feel important, and that their voice would be heard. He served the ABBA with the utmost professionalism, enthusiasm, and integrity.

After leaving the
ABBA, Wendell joined the Beefmaster Association, where he served as their executive director up until his retirement last year.

This year,
Wendell continued to help the ABBA by serving on our long range planning committee. Wendell and his wife Debbie are two of the most loved friends of the Brahman breed, with many friends worldwide who value and appreciate the contributions these two have given our breed.

Congratulations and thank you for all you have done to promote the Brahman breed throughout the world.  Welcome back home to ABBA.


National F-1 /Brahman Sale
Sealy, TX  April 18, 2009


2009 National F-1 / Brahman Sale
Dedicated to Wendell Schronk.

Thank you Wendell Schronk for your
vision of the F-1 Brahman.

Congratulations from Billy Dan Lindley
and J.D. Sartwelle, Jr.