Savannah Allen
Texas Junior Brahman Show
PeeWee showmanship
A big day for Savannah---showing for the first time.

              Look everyone!

Savannah won her first belt buckle.
She was so excited.

This Grandmother wants to
THANK the Pee Wee Sponsors.
For all nine "little fellows--Thank you--
John Ricks, Jamie Christianson, Diane Anthony, Devon & Greg Slaughter, Country Kettle Restaurant (Alto), Mize Department Store (Nacogdoches), Cherokee Concrete Unlimited (Alto) and Thomas J. & Pat Frank

Special thanks to Savannah's special friend Tracy

Savannah had to get up early Friday morning to get to the show in time to work with Her heifer.

Savannah has carried her show stick to
several shows, but today was the big day.

Tracy Dillard's heifer was hesitant at
first so Savannah gave her a little tug.

Tracy had to hustle to keep up with
Savannah. She knew how to show this calf.

Tracy had some good tips for Savannah.
Savannah got her heifer "set up" just right.
She knew how to use her show stick.


This is very serious business for
Savannah and GrandDad..

Look at that Belt Buckle and Smile. 
MiMi thinks the smile says it all.
Look at that belt buckle,