"Gentlest in East Texas"

Registered Gray Brahman Cattle

Past Bulls Buyers
The following are the customers of Lindley bred bulls.
Their purchases of Lindley Bulls will help them develop their Registered, F1 or commercial herds.
Thank you for selecting LINDLEY BRAHMANS and good luck with your breeding programs.

Three recent emails with pictures from our great customers.

We purchased a bull from you last April, named Junior. Attached are some pictures of his offspring.
We are so excited with our new additions!
Thanks to the Rosson's for using a Lindley bulls.


BDL Ms Lindley Manso 186 is enjoying her new home in Utah!
Thanks to the Skelley family for their purchase.
 It looks like she is already a little spoiled!
We wish them the best with her!

Newlyweds the Kirkpatrick's purchased Boyd from Blaine
a few weeks ago. I just thought he was spoiled. He loves
his new East Texas family.

Poor Boyd when kids arrive!


Thank you, Danny Candler, Okeechobee Florida,
for the purchase of this outstanding young bull.

Our report said he got out of the trailer and went
to eating green grass.  He hasn't seen growing
grass at home in Sulphur Springs in two years.

851 will love his new home.

This Martin son will love Candler Cattle Company.


sire     +JDH Martin Manso 879/3

Savannah made sure Harold Smith left with ABBA literature about F-1 cattle and cross breeding with Brahman genetics.  Always a good plan.

Thank you Laura Butler for selecting a good yearling son out of Martin.

Jose Romero and Billy Dan make sure all the paper work
is finished before he and Danny load their bulls and head home

Danny brought little Giovanny to help load the new bulls.

Billy Dan shows Reese Hubbard and friends how to
"rounded up"the yearling bulls the Lindley way... .Shake
 a feed sack and go just as fast as you can go the corral.

Loading out Reese's new yearling bull.

Jim Powers selected a good Lindley Bred
 bull to add to his herd.

Thank you for selecting from
Lindley Brahmans.


Ms Evelyn Toben wants the right bull for her.
This takes a lot of studying.

Ms. Pat was visiting this morning when Ms Evelyn
came to take her new bull home.

William and Charlene Bell came to
Lindley Brahmans with Grand Daughter Hannah Kays to pick up her show heifer.  Grand Dad found a yearling bull and
heifer to make up a load of good cattle.

Thank you!


David and Tanya Sullivan selected two good yearling bull from Lindley Brahmans.

They will go to Oklahoma to be added
to their cattle program.

Thank you!

 Jan Story purchased our senior herd sire.

Congratulations to the Story Family
by adding BDL Peerless Manso 558
to their bull battery at
Story Brahmans in Oklahoma.

Lindley Brahmans has retained their
Peerless semen.  We will continue to have
a few straws for sale and our Juniors
plus a few calves in our herd.

We want to Thank these commercial bull buyers for recognizing the added value using
Registered Brahman genetics adds to their commercial / crossbreeding programs.

Thank you Larry, Kenneth and Daniel Rash for your selection
of Lindley genetics, from cows, young and older bulls.
Good luck.   We know your calves will be great!

OK, let's load them out.
Don is pleased with his selection of bulls.

Thank you Double D Ranch for
you repeat visit to Lindley Brahmans.

Thank you Larry and Nita Tolbert.

The bulls you selected should
do great in Mississippi.

Larry is a real cowman.
He wanted to see the bulls Mamas
before he selected a bull.
We enjoyed your visit.

Good Luck Hughes Ranch
with Lindley Brahman breeding
in your herd.


We like to see our Bull Buyers
get up close to our sale bulls.
Thanks, Ron Terry for selecting Lindley Brahmans bulls for your program.


We welcomed Betty and Brady Lunceford
to Lindley Brahmans.  We showed them the cattle and they selected a young Peerless sired herd bull prospect,

Thank you!
and all our recent buyers.



The Wards took their time selecting this young herd sire prospect from Lindley Brahmans.
Thank you and all our bull buyers for you confidence in our cattle.

I want to apologize to those bull buyers
if I missed your picture.  I will hopefully
be home on your return visit.
Visitors always welcome at
Lindley Brahmans.


The Fowlers are planning on a Martin son to add  beefiness to their calves.

Paul & Richard Dunn are taking a good
Martin bull calf back to Arkansas.

Howard King picked one of the young
Peerless bull calf.
Good luck with this outstanding bull calf.

Satisfied repeat buyers Alvin & Jean Beauchanp.
Using Good Brahman bulls pays off for this couple.

Jim Seals selected a new bull for his
commercial cattle in noth east Texas.




Bill Glass and J.R. Wheeler came over from Arkansas to buy bull to take home for their crossbreeding operations.




Bill Glass and J.R. Wheeler took a full trailer of Brahman Bulls home to Arkansas. 

These good Brahman Bulls will be used on Registered and commercial cattle.

Thank you for your confidence in Lindley Brahmans' breeding program.



Brandon Szafran lives north of Sulphur Springs.  We hope this good bull will  be just what he needs in his crossbreeding program.




Lindley Brahmans thanks Sonny Belcher for his confidence in choosing our bulls for use in his F-1 program.  He brought his wife, Kathy and she took a bull home too.   That's my kind of girl.


Cesar Rivera and Irvin Byrd drove down from Oklahoma in search of a good young Brahman Bull.
Cesar found just what he wanted and carried him home.

The set of yearling bulls Billy Dan is offering now are Gentle, Thick and Beefy.



More bulls going to Oklahoma.
This morning Bill Meeh and Jerry Warren took their time and selected good bulls to breed to their crossbred cows.
Many of the cattle in their area need our good Brahman genetics to get the hybrid vigor back into the herds.
Thank you for selecting Lindley Brahmans.

The Carter Guys, Granddad Fred, Dad Tim and Rowdy Linn picked one of the nice young bulls Billy Dan has available now to select from.

This young gentleman will be going to Oklahoma.  Rowdy will have a new friend and Granddad will have a good new bull.

Thank you for choosing Lindley Brahmans.

Jake Russell purchased one of Billy Dan "special" picks this morning.  Of course, being a Lindley bred bull, the bulls gentleness had him wanting to be petted rather than loading. 



Jake pitched in to help and was ready to get his new boy home.



Todd Smith was back in August for a trailer load of bulls for East Texas.
Dwayne was checking a tire before Todd and Jacob started their trip home.



Todd Smith and son Jacob had two older bulls loaded and ready to travel, but he had to take a minute to look over the younger bulls.
These young bulls are some of the best Billy Dan has raised and worth a look.





Josh Gamble had this good Lindley bred bull loaded and ready to head to Arkansas as soon as Jim and Billy Dan finished swapping tales.




Mike Burleson got Norris Ballard to ride along when he picked up his new bull this afternoon.

We enjoyed the visit.  And hope this bull works well in Mike's F-1 breeding program.



Long trip for the Elrods.

Billy Dan had the calves penned and ready to travel.

These boys looks like they are asking---How far to Alabama?
We have never been away from Momma and home before/


Fall 2003

Larry Deeds and Bill Montoomery are anxious to get this Lindley Brahman bull home to meet his new lady friends. Next year they should expect a great calf crop. 



Thank you Norris Ballard for you purchase of LINDLEY BRAHMAN BULLS for your outstanding F-1 program. Norris is a repeat customer of several years and is really producing outstanding Brahman crosses of several breeds.

                    You can reach Norris or find out more about his operation
                    by going to   

Ben Hanna and his friend Jerry Adair helped Billy Dan load Ben's new bull.  I couldn't get a good picture of the guys.  They were ready to hit the road and get the bull to his new pasture.
I expect a herd of good F-1heifers next year.  Thanks for selecting LINDLEY BRAHMANS.


Jose Gutierres selected a good young bull for his commercial cross cows.  He brought his son, Noie, and a friend when he picked him up.    Thank you!


June 1, 2002
Alan and JoAnna Stewart were back this weekend and selected just the right young bull to raise with their heifers. Here they are loaded and ready for the trip home. Thank you for selecting LINDLEY BRAHMANS


Earl Joslin spent the morning selecting just the right bull for his commercial operation.  Then it took just a minute to call the bulls up and get him loaded.  Earl was very complementary of the bull's gentle dispositions.  Come Again.


Randy Stacy and Billy Dan were studying the herd books.  This young bull looks like he was trying to get picked. I am not sure if this was the bull Cheri and Randy selected but he was very interested in what was going on.


Lane Cole picked up his new bull Thursday afternoon.  Lane  had driven up to Sulphur Springs after work and was turning around to get his new bull home around midnight. 
Wouldn't it be great to be young again.

Thank you for choosing LINDLEY BRAHMANS


Sunday, September 30. 2001

Manuel Villegas, Senoria Elivia and son Manuel, Junior purchased one of the young range bulls for their crossbred program. This was great  medicine for Billy Dan's recovery.



Jody Bowles was back Monday afternoon to pick up the young bull he purchased last week.  What a difference a couple of weeks and a little rain has made.


Jody loaded and was on his way home. The weather was a perfect 78 degrees and the cattle were enjoying to cooler weather.

                  Thank you for selecting LINDLEY BRAHMANS.

Jim Hock and daughter Brittany started this Saturday  morning selecting a bull from the commercial bull pen.   Mom Brenda and son James were letting these two make the decision.

Thank you Charles Smith for your purchase of one of the LINDLEY BRAHMANS yearling bulls. Charles was back early Saturday to load this fine young bull. He should grow to be an outstanding herd sire with your cattle.



Jarred Pickett and Billy Dan watch as another LINDLEY BRAHMAN commercial bull is unloaded to his new home. This young bull will be used in a crossbreeding program at Pickett Cattle Company.
Thank you.


Kris Pace, the young man who helps Billy Dan out around the place, purchased one of the young bulls today. I guess I can be pretty sure he will be back to work next week.



Thank you Larry Murphy for you purchasing one of LINDLEY BRAHMAN's young commercial bulls. We hope he does well on your Angus heifers. You should really raise some outstanding calves.


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