Remembering Junior Friends


Finding just the right heifer takes
a lot of looking.

Lauren Bailey picked a Martin daughter for her FFA Show Heifer Prospect.

Lauren had help, she brought two friends, her parents, and ag teacher.  We enjoyed their visit.

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Lauren and her heifer competed at
the TJBA show




Denton Winchester picked one of the first calves out of our Danbury sire.  We look forward to seeing the young show heifer prospect this fall.

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Austin Mayes was also a lucky Houston Scramble winner. Austin's Ag teacher was making sure all the "I's were dotted and the T's crossed".

Good Luck with Danbury daughter.

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Jonathan Tutor selected a Show Heifer Prospect with his Scramble certificate.

Ag teacher Sam Hollingsworth and Jonathan spent the afternoon with Billy Dan looking at the heifer calves.

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Meet Delisha Threlkeld. She joins the group of good kids showing Brahman heifers.

We look forward to your showing this Lindley Brahman show heifer prospect.

Good Luck

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Candice Wigley joins the growing group of students to select a Lindley Brahmans show heifer prospect.

Good Luck to Candice!

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Tobe Johnson pick one of Lindley Brahmans best show heifer prospects.  We hope he had much success with this young calf.

Good Luck!

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Nathan Zachary purchased a Show heifer prospect.  Got a good shot of Nathan picking up his heifer.

Good Luck!

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OK people, I know I took this picture with backlight. But it is the only picture I have, I apologize Jessica.

Jessica Clark was excited after she and her GrandDad found the perfect Show Heifer Prospect.

Good Luck, Jessica.

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Thank you Kaleb Lee for selecting Lindley Brahmans
for your purchase of a Show Heifer prospect.

Good Luck!


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