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Pat & Joe Frank Dillard

Texas Junior Brahman Association Show
Kerrville, Texas  June 13-19, 2007
The TJBA show this year was in memory of Joe Dillard.
Joe and Pat Dillard along with a select group of other adults have been
responsible for the tremendous success of the TJBA.

The Dillard Family with Janie Tipp
For all the long hours and dedication to the members of the TJBA we fondly remember Joe Dillard.

  This is Joe and grandson Joey enjoying the TJBA show last year in Nacogdoches.

Houston Herdsman Award

If you are afraid of work you had better steer clear of Ms Pat.....
Chris Shivers, ABBA executive Vice President, with the Herdsman presentation
to Ms Pat and crew.  Chris, Kevin, Kim, Ms Pat, Mike, Chaila, Megan and Traci.
Congratulations and Well Deserved!

Pat and Joe are two of the Brahman breeds most avid supporters.
Plus they are two of our most welcome friends.  I have several pictures I just wanted
to share with you and though this was the easiest way to get it all done.


Pat is "taking instructions" from Joe on how
to tie this new calf in the trailer for the ride home.

I'm not about to offer any suggestions.




'Granny' is always on the look out for Joey or Tracy
an outstanding Show Heifer prospect.  Billy Dan has
just weaned these outstanding calves and some
grand child will be getting a good one.




Pat is never still.  She jumps out of the golf carts to get up close.  Billy Dan wanted her to take a good look at this heifer.


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